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Volunteer to Employee

Where can I volunteer that it will lead to full time employment?

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Mid-Level Opportunities

Are there any jobs out there that are between assistant and management? It appears that organizations want you to be one or the other and are no longer offering coordinator or mid-level opportunities.

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Getting Back into IT

I had been in the IT (Information Technology) for more than 20 years and believe have sufficient knowledge and experience to not only excel on the field once again but also mentor or teach newcomers to the career. I just turned 59 years old. I was with a major telephone firm as a QA manager back in 2002 when due to acquisition, my position was eliminated. For the next 2 years after that, I had been looking for a job. To compound the matter, I could not work until 2004 due to health issues. Since 2004 to date I had been working as an advisor with a major bank (non-IT).

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Depression and the Job Search

I've worked since I was 16 and I stopped working at 29, as I had just burned the candle on both ends. I took some time out to try a career change as a cultural performer and now I am at home and jobless. On my job applications it looks like I didn't do anything for 3 years! The interviewers I am honest with don't even call me back. I'm starting to feel a physical depression and unqualified for anything. I need a start in the right direction, but I don't know where to start.

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Forced to Self Terminate

I have a very stable employment history and stayed three or more years with each of my previous employer and I ended up on good terms with each of them. My current employment is an exception. I was offered a job as floater and I was told that the job would include travel to fill positions as needed, but I was assured that I would not be sent immediately and I would receive training. I agreed and accepted the position.

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Explaining a termination in an Interview

What do you tell someone in an interview when you've been fired from a job?

Many people have left their jobs under circumstances that they are not particularly proud of. You are right to think about how you would present your situation in an interview. Since I do not know all the details of your stories, my comments will be general.

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Background Checks?

Could you list part time jobs that do not require a background check?

I'm sorry, but I do not have information about part time positions with companies that do not do background checks. Generally, people who have this request have something in their background that they feel would be a deterrent in their ability to be hired. You may need some professional help to offer some suggestions on how to address it in your job search.

I would suggest you research those organizations that may specialize in your particular issue, such as the Safer Foundation, and seek help directly from them.

Good luck! The Career Experts @ ChicagoJobs.org

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Job Search for Ex Offenders

I have a Class X felony on my record that is 13 years old, yet it can not be expunged. Briefly, it was my first and only arrest. I count myself lucky because the company I worked for then kept me on the payroll and I had a position waiting for me when I got to work release. When that company closed its doors in 2000, reality set in. I went on 6 interviews to one company and then they sent me a letter explaining that my background was simply not what they had hoped for. So many doors are closed to people like me. I act and live as normally as everyone else, yet when I interview now the fear of discovery, along with the age factor is unbelievable. I am supposed to be going to school through WIA since I became unemployed once again. Do you have access to companies that either don't check that far back, companies that don't check, or those that understand our justice system is not always foolproof? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Fatigued and Disabled; Career Options?

What types of jobs are more compatible with disabilities which cause fatigue? I have health research and nursing background but cannot keep the pace of many jobs and need shorter hours. I've been searching for answers to this question for some time now.

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Creating a Resume from Scratch

I would like to make a resume. How can I start?

I'm glad that you are asking how to write a resume. As well as being an essential element of the job hunt, resume writing can be a very affirming exercise, providing as it does an opportunity to raise your awareness of your knowledge and many strengths, abilities, values, and interests. I would be happy to provide you with a very general overview of the resume writing process, as well as some resources to assist you with this process.

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