Trying to Move Up

I am 29 year old female and have graduated in 2006 with BS in Biochemistry. I have been looking for something in my field, but everything is temporary or contract as well as low pay. Currently, I am working as a Pharmacy Technician in the translation department for one of the large mail order pharmacy. I went to school for few years in the hope of getting a job paying more, but some company needs to give me break for me to gain experience. I have posted my resume on CareerBuilder and Monster. I would really appreciate if someone can guide me.

I would imagine the realities of the workforce can be frustrating after you worked so hard to obtain your degree. However, there are realities and challenges in which a focused, targeted search may make a difference. I would suggest that you create a more assertive, direct search, rather than expecting responses from Career Builder or Monster or that some company is just waiting around to give you a chance. You should think about what the marketplace needs in your field, make sure your resume reflects that, possibly make a list of all companies that could benefit from your skill set and search their websites on a regular basis, or use a site like You might join a professional organization that may connect you with people in the field, do some informational interviewing to meet more people and work towards securing an entry level position. You are right, you may have to come in from the bottom up (even in an administrative position) to gain industry experience. Yes, the process is tough but so is a degree in Biochemistry, and you met that challenge, you should be able to meet this one as well. Don't give up! The Career Experts @

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