Short Work Period

I have been working in accounting area for more than 7 years and I have been a good employee. My latest job was with a big company where I worked only for 6 months and the position was terminated. How should I address this in my interview to downplay this short working history?

There are many reasons that people have jobs that are short lived. You did not state in your note exactly what happened, but when and if you discuss it in an interview what is most important is how you present the story and the confidence with which you share the information. You do not have to offer long explanations, just give the facts and move on to focusing on your accomplishments, skills, and longevity with your formal employer.

Many people today have short term experiences, some considered consulting opportunities, some temporary work, some "mistakes." It will only become an issue for future employment if you make it an issue! The only part of the interview that you actually have control over is yourself and how you present your information, success and worth to the prospective employer. You will never really know what will become an "issue" for an interviewer. Do your best!

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