A Safe Job Search: Monster.com Advice on Web Career Frauds

Monster makes protecting job seekers a top priority. We'd like to remind you of what you can do to help keep yourself safe during a job search.>.

  • Money-Laundering Scams
  • Money launderers offer "jobs" with commissions or pay as high as $2000 per day to process checks on behalf of foreign nationals. They recruit local citizens to "process payments" or "transfer funds," because as foreign nationals, they can't do it themselves. Learn more about money laundering scams here
  • Reshipping Scams
  • Reshipping scams typically require job seekers to receive packages of stolen goods-frequently consumer electronics-and then forward the packages, often outside the United States. Those who fall for reshipping scams may be liable for shipping charges and even the cost of goods purchased online with stolen credit cards. Read more about reshipping scams here
  • Pre-pay/Work at Home Scams
  • Although there are genuine jobs working at home, many "offers" are not valid forms of employment and have the simple goal of getting victims to make an initial "investment." Find out more about avoiding these scams

  • Know What to Avoid
  • Some employment scams appear as job postings or classifieds while others may target victims through unsolicited email. Below are the most common scams:

  • Protect Yourself
  • What seems like a lucrative job offer could cost you your savings and more. Learn to identify the signals of an employment scam to protect yourself. A few simple steps and a little bit of information can keep your job search safe and effective! Learn more by visiting Monster's Security Center.

    If you see a questionable job posting or suspect misuse of the Monster website, please report the suspected fraud to Monster.

    If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the fraud to your local police and contact Monster, so steps can be taken to ensure your safety. We also recommend that you file an online report with The Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. More information on how to conduct a safe job search is available through the Federal Trade Commission's website. You can also check out Looks Too Good To Be True.com.

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