Recent BA in Psychology & Music

I am a graduate from a university with a BA in psychology and another in music. I am currently seeking work in the Chicago area, I am open to any entry level human resources positions or really anything interesting with the potential for growth. Are there any specific places in Chicago for recent grads like me that you could suggest I look at?

No job is going to fall into your lap. You have to do the legwork and make it happen. You may have to do some work (possibly with a career counselor) to determine a focus and target for your efforts. The workplace will not be your career counselor - you have to determine the fit - no one else will do it for you. That is your job!

So, I might suggest that you do some research into local companies and job leads (easily done through the internet if you are still out of town). See what the requirements are for various positions that would be interesting to you and give you the potential you desire. (You have to determine what you hope to grow into and create the steps to get there.) You also have to determine which jobs you have the qualifications for.

The next step would be to create a resume (or more than one if necessary) to focus your experiences to meet the needs of prospective employers. You might also spend some time trying to develop local contacts that might help you along the way - either by granting you informational interviews to help you understand the local workplace or by connecting you to employers that can use your skills.

Another thought might be to utilize the career center at your university. They or their website might provide many helpful articles on creating a more effective job search. Join some career support groups and pick up tips from others going through the process. Now that you have graduated, you have to increase your education about the world of work. And with all your accomplishments, I am confident you will have a great future - but it all starts with one step!

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