Overwhelmed by Job Search

I am on a job search, but feel overwhelmed by all the resources. I'm interested in companies with an international presence in the field of survey research, market analysis, organizational consulting/human resources management, etc. Where should I look and how can I gain an advantage in obtaining the advertised and "hidden" job openings?

The job search process IS overwhelming. There are a million resources to navigate. What you may need to do at this time is begin to research companies that may benefit from your skills, focus on one area at a time and really go after those companies that you believe will be a fit.

Many people today use a handbill for networking purposes. It lists objective, summary, some key accomplishments and list companies (and titles) that you are interested in. That is shared at networking events or contacts you develop. It helps people help you by connecting you with appropriate people to help uncover the "hidden" job market. Most really good jobs are not advertised, and even if they are, they are usually filled by "someone who knows someone."

Also be careful of looking like "jack of all trades. . ." You might be better off focusing on one area at a time. So begin by developing a network of business associates and contacts. Attend networking events. Listen to the successes and struggles of other job seekers. Use the library resources to determine companies with an international presence. Read the Wall Street Journal, trade papers, and Crain's Chicago Business so you will be aware of companies you can investigate. It's a lot of work - but worth it. If you are a college or university alumnus, you might connect with a career counselor/coach there that can walk you through the process and demystify some of the resources.

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