Narrowing My Choice

I need help establishing a career with an associate's degree in general studies. I have over 110 college credit hours but I don't know what type of jobs are on the market. My passion is sports but I don't know what career to choose.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you what career to choose. It takes work to determine your skills, interests, values, and needs. I would suggest you meet with a career counselor at a local agency who can walk you through the process of clarifying a direction, researching possibilities and understanding the requirements so you might better target your educational efforts. You mentioned you have an associate's degree. A good place to start would be career counseling center at the college you attended.

You might also check out The Princeton Review for some good career information. Also, you might want to walk through our state website that offers a great deal of career information, Career Click. A counselor can help you navigate these. Good luck. Career planning can be an overwhelming process, getting support for your search is imperative.

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