Moving to Chicago

I currently work for a fortune 500 company in Minneapolis, MN and my husband just received a job offer in Chicago. I'm trying to identify potential job opportunities for myself in Chicago and I'm wondering if there are services available that would work for me in helping me to find the right job (similar to a head hunter) please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I don't know of any agencies (other than placement services - all listed in the phone book) that do direct placement. You do not mention what type of job you do or what level.

You might use a website like to search for ideas of suitable positions near where you will move. You can sort by zip code. You might also contact recruiters or placement agencies in this area, but most would want to meet you in person. Many specialize in a particular industry such as media, management or art.

A library will have a listing of recruiters. But remember that recruiters work on behalf of the employer, not the client. Also use a "phone book" website such as SuperPages or to find the names of personnel/placement services.

When you arrive in Chicago, begin attending job search networking programs (many listed on and start to target companies that can use your skills. Good luck and welcome to Chicago.

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