More Education?

I have been unemployed for a long time being a Computer Aided Drafter of 10 years experience in the Consulting Engineering field. I have tried applying, searching and interviewing to move into an entry level position in IT as a Help Desk support but I find nothing or when I do get interviewed, never get hired. I have tried taking courses for CompTia's A+ certification and failed. I also see that companies who hire in the IT field want someone with certifications from Microsoft of CompTIA if not in general. Is it possible to find a position that you can work on with hands on experience without looking at certification?

You are in a situation that is common to many, education, with what seems to be the wrong experience for the current job market. Certainly this is a challenge. You ask, “Is it possible to find a position that you can work on with hands on experience without looking at certification?” There is no clear answer to that, if you look thoroughly enough and strategically enough, you should be able to move on in your career.

You need to critically look at each step of your search. Understand the requirements for the positions you are seeking and if you do not have the appropriate education, certification, or experience – are you willing to get it? Are you looking at smaller companies that may value your skills – are you networking to meet people who might give you opportunities, either paid or volunteer – so you could build your skills? Is your resume written in a way that shows relevant accomplishments and covers the needs of the employers?

You mention you are getting interviews – are you listening carefully to the needs of the employer and responding in a way that solves their problems. Is your communication clear and concise? Are you dressed professionally? Are you following up? Are you learning about companies that might use your skills, targeting those companies and seeking ways to make your skills desirable?

There is not an easy answer to finding a job today – but persistence, clarity of communication, flexibility and assertiveness can make a big difference. Good luck to you! The Career Experts @

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