Masters in Counseling

I recently graduated with my masters degree in counseling and human services from a local University. Although I am not a LCPC yet, I would like to know what kind of career or field should I be looking for and what salary should I be asking for?

I'm not sure I have answers for you, but I do have lots of questions! What kind of career do you want? What areas are you interested in? What areas do you have skills in? Where do your skills and experience fit into the needs of the workplace? These are all issues you need to explore.

It sounds like you did not spend too much time before and during your program to prepare you for this time. So now is the time to get busy, do some research, some soul searching and figure out where you want to go and how to get there. A career counselor can help with that. No one but you can or should tell you what to do! Just like when you begin to work in the field of counseling, the counselor will help you solve your own problems, not fix them for you!

Salaries are generally determined by the employer, you should research the industry and learn more about the field of counseling to get an idea of the types of salaries that are offered. You could ask for anything you want, but if that doesn't fit with the salaries paid, you will have trouble. However, as a rule of thumb, starting salaries for master's level counselors are in the low 30's. Additional skills and experience may increase that. There are also some excellent websites that give salary information, try the Salary Guides section of this website to start. Also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for information on job outlooks and salaries.

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