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I have a degree in history and does that basically mean I will never find a job?

So, you have a degree in history and don't know if you will ever find a job. As far as I'm concerned all that it means is that you have a degree in history. Whether or not you ever find a job depends on how hard and strategically you work at the process.

I'll bet you have lots of skills, talents, interests and value that employers may be able to use. But you have to make a stronger effort to see where you fit.

So, you have a lot of work to do, young man. You need to understand the workplace and its needs - you have to better understand what you have to offer and you need to learn some search techniques.

If this seems overwhelming, you might first begin to work with a career counselor, either at your school or with an agency that offers these services. They can help you define a career goal and implement a strategy to get there.

Many people have degrees in history, and wonderful careers that make use of their education. Many also use this degree as a stepping stone to some work experience and then continue on for advanced degrees.

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