Leaving Sales

I have been in the banking industry for 9 years. I am currently a branch manager and have a degree in management and a graduate certificate in financial planning. I hold series 6&63 Securities License and I am an insurance agent. I am fed up with sales and am having trouble getting involved in another field. Do you have any suggestions for a career, unrelated to sales, where I could use my experiences?

Your request for a simple answer is difficult (maybe not for you, but certainly for me). It would be like me asking a financial planner to pick a sure stock that would secure my future, without a strong review of many circumstances. A good career counselor asks questions, offers information and suggests directions that help clients make there own decisions. So, here are some questions for you to ponder.

1. What drew you to the world of finance originally? What of those needs have been satisfied? What have not?
2. What part of the process are you "fed up" with? What do you mean by fed up? Is it the situation, the tasks, the environment, the salary, etc?
3. What are your current needs? What is your current life situation and how does that affect your work life?
4. What are your skills and interests? What are your career dreams? Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years?

But what might be helpful to you at this time is to peruse some of the internet sites that offer career assessment and information about careers and begin to explore possibilities. You obviously have the opportunity to meet with many people who sit across the desk from you, if any mention jobs that seem interesting, strike up a conversation and gather information. Begin to get a picture of what the marketplace expects and then, working with a career counselor or friend, begin to assess your transferable skills that fit that qualification. Many people are able to make successful career changes but it takes dedication, focus and hard work. The only way to get started is to take the first step.

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