Leaving Education

I am a certified teacher K through 9 with a masters degree in education. I would like to know what other career opportunities - other than teaching in the classroom for which I am qualified.

My first question to you would be why did you decided to leave teaching. When I work with clients who begin to search for new career opportunities, we try to determine if they are interested in "moving toward" or are merely "running from." Once that is clearly determined, we can move forward in the process.

So, let's assume you have done that and are interested in exploring other options. The process then includes a measure of self assessment. What are your skills, interests, values, needs. How willing are you to return to school or training or do you want to transfer your present skills? You can work through this all yourself or meet with a career counselor at a local agency.

So, let's assume you have determined you want to use present skills. I might suggest that you use your local library resources and internet to learn what skills are required in various jobs, and check out the other questions in this Changing Careers section.

Then you can see where you might fit, work on determining and describing your transferable skills and develop a job search strategy to make it all happen.

If you wanted to stay in the field of education, try our education links here on this website.

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