Lawyer Moving to Chicago

I am a lawyer practicing in Arizona, but wish to move to Chicago. Is it possible to find a good job as a non-licensed attorney in Chicago before writing the Illinois bar exam?

Welcome to Chicago! Finding whatever you consider a "good job" might be a possibility if you do your homework. You might first clarify what "good" means for you.

Then, I might suggest you contact the American Bar Association to see if they have positions posted on their website. You might also try to make contact with other local legal associations, possibly in your area of interest and expertise. Law and Law Enforcement Jobs web page has links to local and national job sources.

I would also suggest that you try to make contact with local attorneys, speak directly to them through informational interviewing or personal connection to measure what the legal employment possibilities are in this area. You might visit one of the job aggregators like Simply Hired to evaluate job possibilities.

Whether or not someone is successful in their search depends on their qualifications, the job market, their persistence and connections.

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