Job Training

Could you please tell me how to find any jobs that would train me, where I would fly across the country on a regular basis? I absolutely love to travel, and sincerely wish I could have a job like this. I have worked in many different jobs, none of these were professional jobs. I have had a very difficult time searching for a job like this (where they would train me). Most travel jobs (in any career field) require years of experience.

There are many ways to make dreams come true. It is nice that yours is so well defined. However, the workplace does not necessarily exist to meet your needs - the workplace has needs and the candidate brings skills and everyone is happy when a fit is made.

You keep referring to the fact that you have no professional experience. What are you willing to do to get that training . . . and how clear are you about what skills you DO have to offer. And if you have discovered that most travel jobs require years of experience, what are you willing to do to make that happen?

Companies don't hire people to travel and enjoy themselves, companies hire people to complete tasks that contribute to the success of the business. Also, is how you imagine traveling for work actually how it is for those who travel extensively? Have you been able to clarify what positions would fit your dream ideal and possibly meet with people in that area to get a better understanding of what you would have to do to make it happen?

More and more companies today (but not all) expect new employees to "hit the floor running" and may not go through the time and expense it might take to bring in trainees. They don't need to! There is a large pool of qualified candidates and training is expensive! No one should ever suggest that you give up your dream - but you may have to tailor it a bit to meet the realities of the workplace. Then as you clarify what areas might actually be possibilities, you can target your efforts to make it happen. Make contacts, meet with people, present yourself in a way that proves your willingness to learn.

Review your background and clarify what you have to offer - is there a reason you are no longer pursuing a career in the sciences? What has kept you from obtaining a professional position? What are your long term goals? A career counselor may be a valuable resource to help you understand all these issues.

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