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What is an employer looking for? I have been on many interviews and still have come up with nothing. Should I change my strategy?

Well, you are certainly correct, if what you are doing isn't working it would seem that a change of strategy is called for. If you are having many interviews but aren't being offered a position, you might need to improve your interview skills.

Doing a mock interview or having someone observe your interview style might provide helpful feedback. In fact, it might be helpful to review all of your search strategies - perhaps you are targeting the wrong companies or are not gathering enough information about the company prior to the interview.

You asked, what are the employers looking for? That is an important question - but it is up to the candidate to determine the answer to that for each job they apply for. There is a great deal of competition for jobs in all industries, all levels and all skill sets. Candidates who are most successful are clear about what they can offer the employer, search for positions that can benefit from their skills and do their best to communicate that to the prospective employer.

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