Headhunter for a Retail Position

I am new to the job market and am looking to find a headhunter agency that specializes in retail related positions. I have searched online and have only found e-job sites (i.e. jobfox and monster) that allow you to post your resume and shop for open positions within their database. If you know of any reputable headhunter agencies in Chicago, please pass the info my way.

Generally, recruiters work at the more executive level. They have jobs to fill and then look to find appropriate candidates. I have never heard of one dealing with retail positions. There may, however, be some employment agencies, that deal specifically in retail salespeople, however, I do not know any particular names. However, you might try a website like allretailjobs.com – or go on indeed.com and type in “retail sales.” A career counselor or job placement specialist may be able to help you navigate the often confusing process of career search. You can also walk into retail stores that you are interested in and ask to fill out an application right there. Or check the websites of individual stores and fill out an online application. It is always better if you are more targeted in your search and go after the jobs yourself, rather than being dependent on an employment agency. Good luck to you! The Career Experts @ ChicagoJobs.org

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