Getting Back into IT

I had been in the IT (Information Technology) for more than 20 years and believe have sufficient knowledge and experience to not only excel on the field once again but also mentor or teach newcomers to the career. I just turned 59 years old. I was with a major telephone firm as a QA manager back in 2002 when due to acquisition, my position was eliminated. For the next 2 years after that, I had been looking for a job. To compound the matter, I could not work until 2004 due to health issues. Since 2004 to date I had been working as an advisor with a major bank (non-IT). Now I would like to return to the IT field, what are the possibilities?

There are a myriad of IT roles, and Department of Labor statistics indicate that it still remains a growth area. The field changes very quickly, I am told, and it is sometimes difficult to remain current, however, that is what the employers require. So you will have to be strategic as you plan your movement back into the field so your excellent skills can again be utilized. As you begin to survey the market, look toward focusing your search and developing a target marketing plan, you must research current listings (use or, among others) and possibly talk to people in the field to see what skills are currently required in the areas in which you have interest. You may see that you can easily be "repackaged" or that you need to acquire additional education. Many employers seek candidates that have current experience - - you may want to consider doing some temp work in that area or volunteer work to build your resume. Networking will also be extremely valuable in your case as your resume does not yet show recent experience. You will need to talk to people working in the field, expand your connections and contacts and learn to express your value and interests clearly. I wish you great success as you begin this journey- you might also benefit from the support of a career counselor at a local agency like JVS to help you navigate the process. The Career Experts @

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