Forced to Self Terminate

I have a very stable employment history and stayed three or more years with each of my previous employer and I ended up on good terms with each of them. My current employment is an exception. I was offered a job as floater and I was told that the job would include travel to fill positions as needed, but I was assured that I would not be sent immediately and I would receive training. I agreed and accepted the position.

In my fourth week my employer asked me to leave within three days to different state and they bought a one-way air ticket for me. I asked my boss if it wasn’t too early for me to go as I hadn’t had sufficient training and I needed some time to arrange for my children’s school delivery and daycare. My boss became angry and told me it was part of the job and if I can't do this "this job is not a good fit for you." I was given a choice to either leave within three days or quit, and I quit. I am wondering, was I forced to terminate my self?

It sounds like you have been involved in a tough situation and that you are questioning whether you were put into a situation that caused you to terminate. I wonder if there was a written contract that clearly explained the requirements of the position? Were there any reasons to believe that the organization was interested in forcing you out? Were you allowed unemployment compensation? This is a complicated situation and you might be wise to consult with an employment attorney to see what, if any, recourse you might have.

Either way, I am assuming that you will now begin to search for a new position. You will have to work through your disappointment and anger so you are properly prepared to interview well for the next position. You will have to prepare an "exit story" as most employers ask why you left your last position. You must be careful not to be critical of a former employer in an interview. Find someone who can practice this with you so you represent yourself well.

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