Finding a Niche

I want a career which I can enjoy to the fullest. How do I find my niche?

This question is way more complicated than a simple answer over the internet can accomplish, but here are a few suggestions on how to get started.
• Clarify your skills, interests, needs and values so you can begin to focus your efforts. Then begin researching and exploring possibilities.
• Direct yourself toward a goal and implement a search strategy. There are many good books at the library that address the issue of passion. But for many, there may be more than one career path that will bring satisfaction and financial reward. Things have to be prioritized and compromises need to be made.
• In a tight job market such as we have now, employers do not always see the value (unfortunately) in taking the time to teach someone on the job. Are there areas or volunteer organizations where you might gain some outside experience to help strengthen your resume?
• Try an Informational Interview, it's the single best way to find a career you love and a job that you really want. It's an informal sharing of information as equals. Unlike the "sweaty palms" of interviewing for a job, it's a chance to discuss business trends in general and the company in particular without the pressure of being selected or rejected for a position.
• Does your resume highlight strong accomplishments in a manner that reflects the needs of the market you wish to enter?
• Meeting with a career counselor that could help you clarify your goals and strategy.

The process takes time, energy and effort. There is no magic answer and no quick way to get there. Good luck. Remember: "the door to success is labeled PUSH!"
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