Finding Jobs in My Field

 I specialize in selling ad space. My background is in radio, newspaper, and special events. Could you direct me to the web sites that I should be searching? I prefer to work with local companies as I am now representing out of town firms.

First of all, please be aware that more than 50% of positions are secured through networking and connecting with people who can connect you with others. Sounds like you have a strong background. Think, first, of developing a list of contacts and review articles on networking techniques. Check out (which may be how you got here in the first place!) for links to information that can increase the effectiveness of your networking.

Secondly, can also link you to some large and small websites. Indeed will link you to jobs and many other websites after you enter the key words which best describe the positions you are interested in. Peruse "Guide to Internet Job Searching" by Margaret Riley Dikel and Frances Roehm which will give you information about websites in a variety of specific industries. I did a quick Google search on "advertising sales jobs" and found several others, as well.

Now it's up to you to check those out and see which might bring you closer to that dream job! Better yet, think about what types of companies/media could benefit from your skills, do some research, and check the career pages of those companies on a frequent basis. Searching for rewarding employment is WORK! To be most effective, you have to search effectively.

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