Fatigued and Disabled; Career Options?

What types of jobs are more compatible with disabilities which cause fatigue? I have health research and nursing background but cannot keep the pace of many jobs and need shorter hours. I've been searching for answers to this question for some time now.

This is a question that is not easily answered. I might recommend that you connect with other career counseling agencies that work with persons with disabilities for some suggestions and check out the Job Resources for the Disabled page on this website. The only suggestion I can make is to open discussions with people who are currently working in positions in nursing to ask for some suggestions. You do not indicate what salary range you are seeking, what other skills you have and what other restrictions you have. A career counselor may be able to help you further explore your options.

If you have a documented disability, some one may be able to help you make arrangements with an employer to accommodate you. Good luck to you.

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