Explaining a termination in an Interview

What do you tell someone in an interview when you've been fired from a job?

Many people have left their jobs under circumstances that they are not particularly proud of. You are right to think about how you would present your situation in an interview. Since I do not know all the details of your stories, my comments will be general.

I would first consider a total work history. Is this the first time you have been dismissed? Do you have a solid work history other than this last job? How long did you work there? Were you fired for cause? Whatever the reason, you certainly need to acknowledge the dismissal in an interview, since most employers will call previous employers for a reference.

It is very important to be clear about your response, practice how you will explain it, be sure you NEVER to say anything negative about a previous employer. You may have strong emotional feelings that show and you need to work those through so you can tell your story calmly and with confidence. You can also indicate that you are sure that you are ready to perform all the duties of the position for which you are applying and that this previous incidence was a learning experience. It is difficult, sometimes, to formulate the words in a way that will flow comfortably and allow you to show your best self. It might be of value to work with a career counselor or friend to practice your delivery.

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