Difficult Boss

I am currently on medical leave because my job made me literally insane. (type of work, atmosphere, politics, boss, etc.). The 12-week leave expires in two weeks and I'm not sure I can tolerate going back to that job. If my doctor writes a letter that I'm unable to perform the functions of my job, will that be detrimental to finding a new job? Am I better off biting the bullet and working a couple weeks and then giving notice?

I can not make a judgment as to the mental health effect of returning to this job. It is also difficult to determine if this will affect future employment opportunities. There are a myriad of factors involved. You are correct in at least considering the possibility that if there is a letter on file that indicates your inability to perform the functions of your job, that might be of concern to a new employer. It is always recommended that when you leave an employer, you do your best not to "burn bridges" as you will need to use them as a past reference. You have to weigh the risks against health issues. I suggest you discuss this with a mental health professional who can help you determine the correct course for you.

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