Career Choices for a High School Student

I am a junior in high school need some guidance and advice about which career I should choose.

I commend you for beginning to think about your future while still in school. It might be a little early to decide on a final career, but it certainly isn't too early to begin the process. First, you might connect with your high school counselor and see what career programs or services are offered in your high school. Then you might spend a little time thinking about and asking people in your life what they do, how they got there and whether they find it satisfying. There are many good websites that can further help you explore.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security site has some good assessments that can offer information and Princeton can help you explore.

At your age, however, it is important to connect with someone that can walk you through the process, offer feedback and help you think through everything! Don't try to figure it out all by yourself!

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