Career Aptitude Test

Where can I go for a career aptitude test for a reasonable amount of money. I am out of work and cannot afford much.

Regarding a career aptitude test:

1. It may depend on what you consider reasonable - some local agencies (and community colleges) offer assessments as low as $25. They can be administered in paper and pencil versions as well as on the computer.

2. Also, it might depend on what you are really looking for in an assessment. There are career assessments to offer information in a variety of areas: skills, motivation, interests, values, aptitude and others. First you need to be more clear about what you are looking for from the results. A career counselor can help you sort through those thoughts, and can offer interpretation and support if indeed you both feel some assessment will help you at this time.

3. There are also some assessments available on the internet, but I would not necessarily recommend them unless you were more clear about what you were looking for and if you had someone in place to help you interpret the information gathered.

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