Being Truthful to Employers

I’m starting classes full time at night. Is it necessary to disclose this information to jobs that I am applying for?

It all depends.... what are the jobs you are applying for? Would they require you to work at night? How many days a week will you attend class? Will the classes you'll be taking enhance your job skills? What is your reason for wanting to disclose the information?

In general, however, you need not disclose anything that may interfere with the possibility of your being hired, unless of course it would directly affect your ability to do the job. If you are asked something directly in the interview (like, are you available for overtime?), of course you would tell the truth but then again emphasize the positives aspects of your abilities and your willingness to be available for work anytime needed.

If it doesn't come up in the interview and would in no way affect your candidacy there is no reason to disclose it.

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