Back to School?

I finished college recently and I can not find a job. My degree is in Non-Profit Childcare Administration. I have three years experience working with people with disabilities but the jobs I am applying for will not hire me due to the lack of management experience. Should I go back to school?

People do not generally return to school to avoid a challenging situation. The best reason to return to school is when you are clear about a direction (and have done much research about the reality of that role) and need additional credentials to meet that goal.

The workplace does want people who have proven themselves capable of the role of manager. Just having an education in that area is usually not enough.

The best way to gain experience, of course, is to work. It is unrealistic to assume that you can start at the top. There are "dues" to pay - my best advice would be to target agencies that you have the most interest in and believe you can make the greatest contribution to, understand what your transferable skills are that can be used by these organizations and begin to work - and climb up the ladder. Learn how agencies work, apply that knowledge to gain experience and then move up and through organizations to get the position you want! You have to prove yourself to the workplace first. Then, if it seems appropriate, consider additional education, not before! So, get started and good luck!

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