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I have worked as an auditor/accountant for the past 10 years. I currently work for one of the Big Four firms and I have decided that I have no desire to continue on this path. I am not completely sure where I would like to end up, but my interest is currently in Human Resources as a compensation analyst. I have no compensation experience but I do have experience in analyzing data and critical thinking. What is the best way for me to break into this field. I realize that I would most likely have to take a pay cut also and I'm okay with that as long as I'm rewarded appropriately.

Making a career switch isn't quite as easy as adding up a column of numbers! You are on the right track by looking at transferable skills. That's a great place to start. . . I would first ask you why you want to leave your current position, what is propelling you toward a different direction?

The process of career change includes many steps - and may take some time as well as include a pay cut.

  1. Self Assessment - Determining who you are, what you do well and where you want to go.
  2. Exploration - Using your critical thinking and analysis skills to research the requirements of a desired position. There are many good websites that can help - among them the government site You may want to search salary websites to get a sense of the compensation in the desired field. Since you have something in mind, you can peruse job leads in that field to find out more information about the experience and educational requirements of the HR position you mentioned. You can also do some informational interviewing with people who currently work in the field (this is also a great way to develop contacts.)
  3. Decision making - Is this where you want to go - what else to do you have to do to make this switch?
  4. Training - do you need more training, certification, etc? Are you willing to take the time to do it?
  5. Job Search and Targeting - Developing a resume and search strategy that is tailored toward the new position and field. If you are poised and ready to go down the new path - how will you represent yourself, how will you self market? Begin to develop contacts within that field through networking. You might begin by participating in association meetings and coursework that draws employees from organizations that you are targeting. Begin to read trade journals to educate yourself with the industry language.
  6. Starting something new can be exciting and rewarding. I wish you great success.

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