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7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Job Interviews

You've heard the obvious job interview advice: don't be late, don't dress inappropriately, and don't curse your former employer. You've been around the block—you know this stuff.
What ELSE might be going wrong? Here a few things I've observed in my years of working with clients.

1) Being Cocky
They're good at what they do, they know it, and they communicate that they're somehow above the process. Some others don't prepare because "I'm really good at interviewing." Others underestimate what's coming and just wing it.
2) Not being able to articulate your skills
I've seen a lot of very accomplished people who can't articulate their skills, especially people who haven't had to look for work in a long time. Unless you can clearly articulate how you produce value, your chances of getting hired are close to nil.

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LinkedIn Summary: A missed opportunity

The LinkedIn summary is a truly different way of talking about and marketing yourself. Unfortunately, many people miss this opportunity. I see a lot of profiles which have no Summary at all.

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Afraid You'll Lose Your Job? This can save you time, effort, money, and much more...

This short article could save you a lot of time, effort, money, and something priceless:  samples of your work.  You see, people like Donna are often let go without warning.  She went to work, thinking it was just another day.  Then, she was summoned to the conference room, where a Human Resources manager informed her she was no longer needed.  She was escorted to her desk to retrieve her purse and personal belongings, then out of the building.  This was a major disaster for Donna.

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